Moving into your new home

  • When moving into your new home, you will meet one of our Placement Officers. You will be given contact details of the Service User Care Team and the out of hours contacts and procedures in case of an emergency.
  • To ensure you are happy with the property the officer will show you around your property and show you how the heating and hot water work, where to find the water stop-cock, what to do about fire safety, etc, inside your new home.
  • You will be given your own set of keys. If you need more than one set, it is your responsibility to make another copy to keep safe. We do not change locks or provide a locksmith service. Please ensure you cut another set for yourself for safe keeping with a friend or family.
  • You will need to complete a Sign-up form before accepting the property. This confirms you have been shown around the property, told how things work and that you are happy with the standard of the property.
  • Having moved in, it then becomes your responsibility to register all utilities in your name i.e. Gas, Electric, Water. We will inform the various utility companies, should you fail to do so.