Portfolio of Services

We have been working for and with investors for 10 years, this experience has allowed us to develop three great services for you:


We have developed a solid and close partnership approach to Portfolio Management, working closely with our investors has helped them grow and achieve annual returns of 10-15%.

Our Free Property Portfolio Review service allows you to work closely with an industry expert, looking at ways to grow your existing portfolio and plan the way forward.


We have identified hundreds of properties for our investors, helping them grow their Property Portfolio’s, looking after them at every stage of the process. Partner with ZFA Group and receive these great benefits:

  • Identifying potential properties to invest in
  • Guaranteed rent for up to 10 years
  • Free Maintenance
  • Working with a quality provider
  • Peace of mind


We are committed to working with our Partners, looking after their investments and helping them manage their property Portfolios, our proactive approach and extensive services help them grow in the directing they desire.

You will only have to deal with one company, we do all the work for you, looking after your needs and helping grow your portfolio to meet your expectations.

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Portfolio of services - developed for you