ZFA Leasing Scheme

We operate a Guaranteed Scheme with the majority of London's Boroughs and Dublin, this tried and tested scheme will assist you, the landlord to a hassle free service from a quality provider.

Now finding easy leasing schemes, London have become easier than it was ever before through ZFA Group’s ZFA leasing schemes. Our property leasing schemes are entirely customer friendly and accommodates the best for you.


How to get your property on our Guaranteed Leasing Scheme? In 3 simple steps...

ZFA Group are currently looking for

  • Studio Flats for Rent
  • 1 and 2 Bedroom Flats for Rent
  • 3+ Bedroom Houses for Rent
  • HMO Rooms for Rent

In all areas in London, South East England and Dublin - Contact us now...

Look at what we have to offer:

Guaranteed Rent
We will guarantee your rent from the day your property joins our scheme, you can be part of the scheme from 1 to 10 years.

Same Day Payments
We will pay you the same day that your property joins the scheme.

Top Rents Paid
We continually pay the top rents as it’s in our interest to look after our landlords.

0% Commission
We do not charge you any commissions on your property. 

No Management Fees
We do not charge you managements fees over your agreed rent.

Free Maintenance
We look after your property and your investment.

No Void Periods
You will receive rent for your property no matter if its occupied or not.

No Council Tax or Bills
You do not need to worry about extra overheads.

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