Maintenance that matters


What is Property Maintenance?

Whether you are planning to rent out your property or sell it, a good monetary return is not possible if your space doesn’t look maintained and habitable. Be it a new coat of paint that the place requires or full on repairs, handling multiple contractors can be bothersome. We understand that, that is why we offer Property Maintenance Services to our clients in London and Dublin.

From houses and apartments to commercial buildings and stores, we provide property maintenance for all types of properties. Thanks to our proactive approach and a dedicated in-house team of experts, we deliver reliable, trustworthy and budget friendly services, keeping in mind the long term interest of our clients.


Property Maintenance that Matters?

We know it could be tough to invest further on your property in terms of maintenance costs, especially if it still hasn’t started delivering you any returns. That is why our team thoroughly inspects your property and devises a plan that clearly points out only those repairs that are absolutely necessary to bring your property in a condition that will help you to rent it out or sell it.

ZFA Group only asks their clients to invest their money where needed so no unnecessary expenses are made. In short, we only deliver property maintenance that matters.


ZFA Property Maintenance Services in London

We offer a plethora of property maintenance services throughout London and Dublin. Our services are ideal for commercial properties as well as residential properties. Some of our most acquired services include the following:


House Maintenance Services

From ensuring the functionality of all the installed appliances to fixing the doors and windows and everything in between, we handle every aspect of house maintenance. Whether you are trying to make your property look attractive so it can get you more rent or just want to have your property fixed for yourself, our services can help you.


Building Maintenance

If you need building maintenance services in London that delivers everything from cleaning to lighting, plumbing and even maintaining its structural integrity then you only need to look as far as ZFA Group. Our building maintenance services give you the peace of mind that you deserve.


Planned Maintenance Programs

We are so good at property maintenance because we follow planned maintenance programs. We schedule everything from the start and design a strategy that helps us reduce the downtime of all the work. As a result all the maintenance tasks undertaken by us are fully completed within the allocated budget.


Pest Control

Pest infestation can really make it difficult to sell or let a property. Our team of highly trained pest operators are experts in eliminating all types of pest and can have your property bug free within a matter of hours.



Choked up drains are very common in London. But with our team of drainage experts, all your drain related problems like choking, repairs and even installation are taken care off in a satisfactory manner. Our team works tirelessly around the clock until the drainage system of your property works flawlessly again.


Why Choose Us

When you reach out to a property maintenance and management company, your only concern is to get the best service for the price. Here at ZFA Group, we make sure that, regardless of the service our clients have hired us for, all of their interests are protected. Not just that, we also deliver the best possible customer services experience every step of the way.

So, if you are looking for a company that provides top notch property maintenance services at the fraction of the cost with great customer support, reach out to us today!