Gas and Electric

Gas Safety

If you smell gas:
OPEN all windows and doors and turn off the gas supply at the meter.
DO NOT ignite a naked flame such as a lighter or a match stick and do not switch any electrical switches on or off – they may cause a spark and ignite the gas moving in the air.

Call The National Grid on 0800 111 999 immediately and Call our Service Care User Team on 07404 445 605.

Electrical Safety

DO ensure you have all plugs wired in the appropriate way and that you switch off appliances when not in use, or when you go to bed. Get professional help when repairing or wiring electrical goods in your home and be extra aware of sockets when small children are present.

DO NOT keep any liquids close to electrical appliances and sockets and don’t touch any plugs, switches or appliances with wet hands. Make sure they are dry. Do not overload sockets with adapters or run appliances from any light fittings. Do not let the wires of kitchen appliances get close to the main parts of a cooker and throw away any cracked or damaged plugs

Gas and Electricity Suppliers Contact Details

These companies provide gas and electricity to all boroughs across London:
British Gas - 0845 600 0560
National Grid Gas Emergency - 0845 605 6677
EON - 0845 059 9905
NPower - 0845 071 4525
Ebico - 0800 458 7689
EDF Energy - 0800 056 5927
First Utility - 0845 215 5000


  • What is a guaranteed rent scheme ?

    With a guaranteed rent scheme, you had over the management of your property to us. We’ll find you tenants and will pay your rent every month, whether the tenant has paid or not! So you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’ll receive your rent payment on time, every time.

  • Are rent guarantee schemes worth it ?

    Some landlords enjoy the work of finding the right tenant, and even chasing the money when needed, but for those who don’t have the time, or are done with the stress of it all, a guaranteed rent is a simple solution to make sure you get your income with the least amount of hassle.

  • What is guaranteed rental return ?

    A guaranteed rental return means still making money off of your property. You won’t be just breaking even, you’ll be making a nice profit and keeping your business running.

  • Can landlords ask for rent during lockdown ?

    Yes, there are no laws at the moment that require you to create a rent holiday for your tenants. You can continue to ask for rent, but we encourage landlords to be communicative with tenants to make sure they are able to make rent.

  • How do I ask my landlord for rent to own ?

    Most properties aren’t eligible for rent-to-own and it will depend entirely on your landlord. The best thing to do is to get unbiased outside advice, and approach your landlord with an open and honest conversation about what you’re looking for.

  • Can you rent your property to the council ?

    Yes, you can – but it depends on the council. Certain councils in specific areas may or may not be looking to add property to their list. You will need to contact the council where your property is and discuss your options.

  • Can you negotiate rent in London ?

    You are open to negotiate if you please, however the market in London is so competitive that you want to be careful to not annoy a future landlord who may pass you up for someone who will pay the asked for rent without question.

  • How much money do you need to live comfortably in London ?

    This depends entirely on where you live in London and what your standards of “comfort” are. Always be sure you can afford a flat before agreeing to move in.

  • How do I become a guarantor UK ?

    You will need to meet several qualifications including being a homeowner, being over 21, having good credit history etc.

  • Can I rent without a deposit ?

    This depends on the landlord, but most will require a deposit to protect the property from damage. If there is no damage to the property when you leave, you will get your deposit back.

  • What is the maximum security deposit a landlord can charge in London, UK ?

    Generally, a deposit shouldn’t exceed more than double one months rent. Anything over this is questionable and should be pushed back on.