Gas and Electric

Gas Safety

If you smell gas:
OPEN all windows and doors and turn off the gas supply at the meter.
DO NOT ignite a naked flame such as a lighter or a match stick and do not switch any electrical switches on or off – they may cause a spark and ignite the gas moving in the air.

Call The National Grid on 0800 111 999 immediately and Call our Service Care User Team on 07404 445 605.

Electrical Safety

DO ensure you have all plugs wired in the appropriate way and that you switch off appliances when not in use, or when you go to bed. Get professional help when repairing or wiring electrical goods in your home and be extra aware of sockets when small children are present.

DO NOT keep any liquids close to electrical appliances and sockets and don’t touch any plugs, switches or appliances with wet hands. Make sure they are dry. Do not overload sockets with adapters or run appliances from any light fittings. Do not let the wires of kitchen appliances get close to the main parts of a cooker and throw away any cracked or damaged plugs

Gas and Electricity Suppliers Contact Details

These companies provide gas and electricity to all boroughs across London:
British Gas - 0845 600 0560
National Grid Gas Emergency - 0845 605 6677
EON - 0845 059 9905
NPower - 0845 071 4525
Ebico - 0800 458 7689
EDF Energy - 0800 056 5927
First Utility - 0845 215 5000