How Cycle Super-Highways Might Affect Your Property


Since the pandemic hit in late March, we were all encouraged only to use public transport if absolutely necessary, and most were sent away from large offices to work from home. With people spending less and less time on public transport for a commute to work, and spending more and more time outdoors, with more hours in the day free to get out and about, people all over the country have taken up cycling as a new hobby, way to get around, or their new commute option.  

How Cycle Super-Highways Might Affect Your Property


With the massive increase in the popularity of regular cycling up and down the UK, the city planners and government officials have taken notice, and are keen to get building on several cycling “super-highways” throughout London, that will connect all the major areas via large interlinking cycling paths.  

What Do Super-Highways Mean for My Property? 

Super-highways may not affect your property at all if it isn’t nearby. However, if your property is nearby a planning site for a super-highway, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that the construction to build these cycle pathways will likely be disruptive to the surrounding area. This will mean noise, diverted traffic, extra people on site etc. The good news is that if your property is near a super-highway, you may be able to increase the cost of your monthly rent as the areas around super-highways become more and more desirable for those keen cyclists.  

There is also planning for new flats to be built along-side the super-highways, which will in turn encourage new businesses, injecting growth into the economies of each area affected.  

How Can We Help 

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