Can Gardens Add Value? South Facing Ones Can


As a property investor or landlord, you’ll always be looking for ways that you can boost the value of your property. Whether that be decorating to transform a space with a fresh modern look, renovations to improve the core foundations of the property or conversions and extensions to maximize the living space available.

However, it is important to consider the cost of any improvements against the return you will gain from potential buyers and the increased value that they perceive.

As such, what if there was a way to increase the value of property by up to 7%, without spending a penny? A recent study has shown that homes listed as having a south facing garden are priced on average £22,695 higher than homes without. Not only that, but the study found that on average, homes with south facing gardens would also sell quicker.

How Do I Know If My Garden is South Facing?

If you are not sure which way your garden faces, there’s a couple of ways to make sure. Firstly, by the position of the sun. If the sun rises from the left and sets on the right, you have a south facing garden.

The easier, and less time-consuming option is to use a compass which you can find on most smartphones. Anything from south-west to south-east can be classed as south facing.

Pros of a South Facing Garden

  • The chance to enjoy sunlight all day long. The south side of any house will see the most hours of sunlight during the day, especially in the Northern Hemisphere, meaning you’ll have the opportunity to soak in as much natural light as possible in your south facing rooms.
  • Your garden will likely also be warmer than gardens facing other directions, meaning you can enjoy being outside for longer.
  • If you’re green fingered, you’ll find many flowers, fruit and vegetables prosper in full sunshine. Just remember they’ll need a little more watering too.
  • It can be beneficial for air drying clothes, as your washing will dry much quicker in a sunny south facing room. You may even find yourself putting the heating on less.

Are There Any Cons?

Anyone with a north, east or west facing garden can be rest assured that a south facing garden isn’t an absolute failsafe for property investors or landlords, as there can be disadvantages.

  • Rooms on the south side of the house will be continually warm from the consistent exposure to sunlight, which can in turn cause the colours of furniture and walls to fade, whilst rooms on the other side of the house will be colder.
  • The ‘north’ side of the house can be prone to damp and moss.
  • Although it is not guaranteed, when we are lucky enough in the UK to have a long hot summer, a south facing garden may end up getting too hot for some people to enjoy.

Has There Always Been a Price Premium for Properties with South Facing Gardens?

It has been long debated whether south facing gardens are essential or simply just desirable. As although most would agree that it would be nicer to have a garden that gets the sun for longer and is warmer and brighter, this typically wouldn’t reflect in a significant increase to the price of the property.

However, in the last year, as people are spending more time at home due to the lockdown and with the rise of home working, this is thought to have significantly contributed to the desire for a south facing garden. When we are required to stay at home more than ever before, a garden can become an extension to the living space and a sanctuary for many, so they more they can use it and enjoy it, the better.

How Can We Help?

At ZFA, we can help you manage your property or portfolio of properties. If you have a property with a south-facing garden you are thinking of selling or buying to let, contact us today to discuss our guaranteed rent schemes and property management. Take the stress out of being a landlord.

Contact us today if you have any questions and we’ll take care of the rest.

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