Best Investment Opportunities in London 2019


It is often questioned if investment can be done in London post Brexit? There are different answers to this question from people with different mind-sets (you can view our Brexit post here). Some people have used this opportunity to their benefit and got the best out of it because of their optimism, but there are others who lost everything in despair.

Along with the viewpoint of different buyers and sellers, property market in London has been affected greatly and has changed massively over the past few years. Due to this, it has become difficult to decide whether you should be buying property and investing your money in London. However, there is still a better opportunity of investing in London as it is now cheaper to buy property in London as compared to it was three years ago. It is still a safe and secure place to invest despite different economical and governmental factors.

While Brexit is powering too much of precariousness about the future role of the city as a worldwide economic and financial centre, onlookers assume that it will acknowledge itself until Britain pursues new chances outside the European Union (EU).

Property investors in the residential sectors may have observed that despite of London market going through ups and down, now could be good time to invest in the city.

A new study by Compare the Market has published that a number of locations stand out as offering excellent value in terms of prices and prospects that would increase in near future.

We have researched and gathered information to help you invest at the right places in London.

Investing in London property holds great prospects as the city has been known as the centre for trade and investments. Tourists and foreigners come to London and look out for opportunities to invest to make use of their money.

Several areas in London are expected to experience a boom because of property growth by 2020. Areas such as Canary Wharf, Earls Court, Old Oak Park and Croydon are all assumed to be marked on the property map. London has been predicted to reach rental yields as high as six per cent by 2020.

Why is London a good choice for investment?

London is known as the financial world centre along with its rivalry with New York. Buyers here are provided relaxed terms and conditions for borrowing.

Rental yield in London has always remained consistent and investors are exposed to a variety of choices of properties and areas to choose from. A healthy income can be generated by purchasing a property whose value is expected to increase with time.

London is known as a global market and gains investment from all continents around the world. There never have been any restrictions on resale. Overseas investors get the same benefit from the buying and selling property as UK nationals do.

Best areas in London to invest in 2019

Following are few of the best areas that you need to have a look at before you make any investment decision.


Camden is a lively and busy market, and has plenty of restaurants. It is a famous student spot and buying property here is a great option.

Forest Gate

Forest Gate offers a calm and relaxed environment to people who live here. House prices are sure to rise in this area in the future which makes it a great investment property.


It is a perfect spot for students residing in this area and visitors from all over London and around the world. It is close to most of the tourist attractions and parks. Value of property is this area in on a constant rise.

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