There are plenty of reasons why landlords choose to rent out their properties to students: You can make more money in a full HMO flat, demand never dries up, and depending on your insurance,  you can still receive rent even if your property is empty.   Even though equipping your properties for students may seem like a hassle, there are […]


Since the pandemic hit in late March, we were all encouraged only to use public transport if absolutely necessary, and most were sent away from large offices to work from home. With people spending less and less time on public transport for a commute to work, and spending more and more time outdoors, with more hours in […]


While many people look forward to their retirement, not everyone will be able to receive a pension and/or might not have enough saved up to live on for an extended period of time. Although it may seem a bit daunting to consider retirement funds and planning, it is extremely important to ensure your financial stability for your retirement.    If you don’t have a pension plan included in your employment […]


Should I Own an HMO Property

What is an HMO  A Housing in Multiple Occupation (HMO) rental is a property where three or more people who aren’t related or part of a couple live in one single property and share a kitchen and bathroom. Lots of young people and student live in HMO properties to live with their peers and save money wherever possible.    Lots of young professionals are now also looking for HMO properties because of the state of the housing […]


Making the decision to rent out your property is no small feat. You not only have to make sure you have the right insurance to cover you, but you also have to ensure everything, and you have to make sure that you have absolutely no personal valuables stored in the property. If you’re a property […]


Top Tips for Landlords to get the best out of their Property Management Agency

There is no doubt that there will be a significant effect on all businesses and, in fact, the whole global economy for years to come due to COVID 19. Within the property management arena, ZFA believe it’s a good time to plan for the future. Now more than ever the time is right to choose […]


How to Find A Good London Estate Agent  Owning property is tricky. There’s a lot to think about with maintenance, finding the right tenants, making sure you get your rent payments on time every month all while increasing the value of your property.   We understand that for some, you might be fed up with the responsibility of […]


BEST AREAS TO RENT IN DUBLIN –  THE DOCKLANDS At ZFA Group managing large blocks of properties is our speciality – all that’s needed for you to do is to choose the place. Keep reading to find out the best areas to rent in Dublin: Docklands. The rental market is growing and is becoming highly […]


Best Areas to Rent in London – Kensington At ZFA Group we make managing large blocks of properties easy – all you need to do is choose the place. Keep reading to find out the best areas to rent in London: Kensington. In an ever-competitive renting market, it is important to know who you can […]


It is often questioned if investment can be done in London post Brexit? There are different answers to this question from people with different mind-sets (you can view our Brexit post here). Some people have used this opportunity to their benefit and got the best out of it because of their optimism, but there are […]

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