Top Tips for Landlords To get the best out of their Property Management Agency


Top Tips for Landlords to get the best out of their Property Management Agency

There is no doubt that there will be a significant effect on all businesses and, in fact, the whole global economy for years to come due to COVID 19.

Within the property management arena, ZFA believe it’s a good time to plan for the future. Now more than ever the time is right to choose the best strategic partners, those who will be with us to support us through the hard times to come.

With this in mind, over the next few weeks, we will communicate the ZFA top tips to help property developers and landlords get the most from their property management agency partnership.

ZFA are experts in the field and we believe the best at what we do. We don’t believe landlords and property developers should have to worry about the day-to-day tasks of finding tenants, dealing with paperwork and maintaining properties.

ZFA do it all for you. Best of all, we provide free maintenance across our whole portfolio. Our clients say this is what makes us stand out from the rest.

We understand there is choice out there. So, over the next few weeks we’ve prepared some key questions you should consider then choosing the right property management partner.

Is your property management partner agile?

As a property management company, we are an agile business, offering a flexible, reliable and service. Our free maintenance offer means you have peace of mind 24/7. We offer client and tenants the very best service and advice thanks to our skilled and experienced team.

As a landlord you want peace of mind. ZFA offer it, each and every day.

Does your property management agency keep you informed?

Regular communication is essential to ensure that peace of mind we often talk about. The ZFA team keep in regular contact with each of our clients, ensuring they know their investment is safe. By keep regular communication channels open, we also gain and keep the trust of each and every client.

It is also the same for ZFA tenants. They know how to contact us for help, and we speak to them regularly to ensure they are happy and to ensure we have reassurance the property is being well looked after.

ZFA offer a multi-channel, 24/7 approach to communications via: social media; phonelines and email. Multi- channel communications in a faced paced world is essential. So, when you think about who the right property management company is for you, think ZFA.

Next time we will tell you how ZFA marketing their properties.

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    I have been working with ZFA for 4 years and they manage my full portfolio. I don't need to worry about a thing, they manage every aspect of my properties - highly recommended.

    Mr Stephen Jones