At ZFA Group managing large blocks of properties is our speciality – all that’s needed for you to do is to choose the place. Keep reading to find out the best areas to rent in Dublin: Docklands.

The rental market is growing and is becoming highly competitive in Dublin and surrounding areas. You can rely on ZFA to maximise your returns on your property. We will handle the management of your property with expertise and experience to offer you the highest quality service.

If you are considering buying to rent in Dublin, why not look at the Docklands? Having recently been revamped with governmental subsidies and new and exciting business setting up shop, you’ll be delighted you chose this area for your property.

A little bit of history

Dublin Docklands has historically stood as one of the city’s most prominent financial districts. In the last ten years or so, it has seen a boom in desirability. Many would say it is the new sight-seeing central of Dublin, with gorgeous modern architecture, galleries and fantastic restaurants, the area is seeing a boom in tourism and renting. And perhaps best of all is that it’s only a short stroll from the city centre so you can walk from Docklands to O’Connell Street in just a few minutes. 

Best Areas

Known locally as Silicon Docks, this riverside area of Docklands is populated with such tech giants as Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Airbnb etc etc who have decided on the area for their respective European offices, effectively a Silicon Valley of sorts of Ireland! These famed companies attract masses of tourists, and consequently make the area very desirable for renters.

At ZFA Group, we handle many different types of properties in various types of areas. If you’re looking to buy to rent in Docklands in Dublin, let ZFA look after your property, and allow you to get on with the important stuff.

What To do

With incredible restaurants, bars, and art galleries around every corner, you’ll be spoilt for choice for activities. Many tourists visit the area to spend time on the beautiful banks of the River Liffey, enjoying the views of the newly built architecture. Although not strictly within the area, Trinity College Dublin is just a hop skip and a jump away for those with an academic or historic itch to scratch. The campus comprises beautiful green spaces and stunning stonework architecture.

Interested in owning a property in Docklands?

At ZFA, we manage many different types and grades of housing and are flexible in our approach to make sure you get everything you need. Email or call us today to talk about what we can do for you, whether that be construction, property management, or guaranteed rent to ensure your income is reliable and regular.

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