All you need to know about Guaranteed Rent.

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Landlords and tenants both want to reap the benefits of what properties have to offer without worrying about timely rental payments or delay in upkeep and maintenance of the rented property. To ensure the priorities of both parties are met, there needs to be a premeditated and well planned business model in place. This is a proficiency that we are skilled and experienced in carrying out–in the form of guaranteed rent in London and other area.

We have a decade of experience in property management and dealing with landlords and local authorities who often have to deal with rental payments. Managing over 1,000 properties, we meet all customer standards, making us a leading property management company in South East England and Ireland.

So, if you’re someone who does not want to go through the exhilarating efforts of maintaining your property rentals and its upkeep, and also want to receive guaranteed rent in London coming in consistently for large blocks of time, then a guaranteed rent scheme is just what your property needs.

A guaranteed rent scheme has various paybacks that landlords can sit back and enjoy, while our property management experts take care of transactions on a weekly or monthly basis for months or years to come.


How do Guaranteed Rent Schemes Work?

A guaranteed rent scheme is when a landlord is looking to lease his/her property out, and as a result rents it out to ‘property managers’ instead of ‘normal tenants’ for several months or years for the following reasons. Over the contractual term, the property manager provides the landlord with a guaranteed sum of money on a weekly/monthly basis, which reduces the risk of loss for both parties. The property manager then has the right to rent the property out to other people, while ensuring its maintenance and overheads are taken care of.

This form of transaction is hugely valuable to landlords who do not want to deal with the administrative hassles of renting their property out themselves. Furthermore, it acts as a safety net for landlords, as they receive guaranteed income regardless of occupancy and have their property maintained on a regular basis.


What are the Benefits of Guaranteed Rent?

Through rental scheme landlords receive a guaranteed sum over the term of the contract on a weekly or monthly basis, regardless of occupancy. This reduces the risk of waiting for tenants to occupy the space or renting the property out on a lower amount and reducing profit margins. Moreover, during the term of contract, the landlord can benefit even more by shifting the cost of maintenance and repairs on to the property manager and feel free from the worry of handling it all.

Hence, if you’re a home owner and want to relish the benefits of guaranteed income, then we are the property managers for you. We will provide you with guaranteed rent in London, and maintenance and upkeep for zero commission. In addition, you will not have to worry about overheads, or management fee and get great value addition in return.

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    I have been working with ZFA for 4 years and they manage my full portfolio. I don't need to worry about a thing, they manage every aspect of my properties - highly recommended.

    Mr Stephen Jones