The Importance of Dealing with an Accredited Landlord


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London Accredited Landlord

A landlord usually trusts their tenants to treat their properties with respect and as if it is their own. Irrespective if the lease is financial, operating, or specialized, tenants should ensure that when they leave, the property is in a good condition to be lent again, or is of future benefits.

Likewise, tenants also wish to come in contact with landlords who have well furnished, or kept properties that do not require revenue expenditures to be performed at. Many tenants look for landlords who are not predatory and would quote the right rent or price for their properties. Hence, it is a balancing act between both the landlords and the tenant to honour their contracts.

For tenants, one way they can seek for best Landlords London, or adjacent is by confirming if the landlords are certified and accredited by local authorities such as London Landlord Accreditation Scheme (LLAS). This is a win-win situation for both the landlords and tenants. By getting accredited, landlords can get both the training, and the certification required to get their properties highlighted. It also helps the tenants get in touch with Landlords in London who keep their properties to their optimal.

Some visible benefits for accreditation and certifications include:

  • Accredited landlords are part of a forum that includes thousands of agents and landlords.
  • Landlords accredited by LLAS go through extensive training on how to value and competitive price their properties.
  • Accredit landlords get prominent leasing deals from local authorities, and are usually up to date with recent contractual changes. This reduces the legal cost in case contracts are not framed correctly.
  • Dealing with accredited landlords near London and adjacent areas provides a security cover that ensures all contracts are completed through due process, and tenants are not evicted before the contract expires.


Additionally, tenants can also have peace of mind in how the properties they rent are managed. Because almost all accredited landlords sign agreements with LLAS and other regulatory bodies, tenants can rest assured that they will get what they pay for. As agreed with accreditation institutions:

  • All property furniture and dwellings are certified as per regulations and laws,
  • All electrical and gas supply, installations, and appliances are kept in best shape as per laws and regulations,
  • Accredited landlords provide receipts for advance, rents, and deposit charges.
  • All accredited landlords are to provide their tenants with agreements that highlight the amount of rent, their due dates, and their appreciation rates, the amount of council and utility taxes due and paid to date, and any service charges that may be required to be paid by either party.
  • Landlords who are accredited usually refrain from antisocial behaviour, they discuss all complaints and are bound to resolve them in the best of their ability and circumstances.
  • Tenants receive Rights to Rent pack that includes their rights, and legal obligations that both tenant and landlord need to adhere to.
  • Accredited landlords are mandated with carrying bi-annual inspections of their properties.


As highlighted, there are visible benefits of working with Landlords London who is accredited. Not only do they have to maintain their properties, but they also maintain their conduct too. Many accredited landlords go through routine training and ensure their properties are valued constantly to reflect the fair market place. This helps reduce the ambiguity about the price of properties, and the rent they charge. Knowing the exact terms and rental values of the subject property can increase tenant confidence, and can increase the likelihood of a property being rented faster. Accredited landlords also provide guarantees to return deposit amounts in time, and take care of deposits as per regulations.


ZFA group are proud to be part of the accreditation scheme and will continuously strive to achieve each passing year. If you have any further questions or want to get in touch then please feel free to contact us we will be happy to help.

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